About Us

Latzy says:

I arrived from Hungary to Israel in 1986 with 100 dollars in my pocket and some background in sculpting. Soon I met and befriended Charles (and we are still friends), a French painter who had a workshop for theatre sets and who took me as his "apprentice".

Well, thats how it all started, more than 30 years ago...

Since then I am on the field. A couple of years later I opened my own workshop for theatre sets, didactic and museum exhibitions and the like. Then for a while I worked as foreman in one of Israels leading standbuilding companies, until I went back to my own workshop mainly for very high-quality woodworks and of course for exhibition booths.

Today the Man With The Hat is a wellknown figure in Europe's fairgrounds”




On these bases Latzy Exhibitions International Ltd. has been founded in 2001, as the perfect solution for those who intend to participate in any of the trade shows and fairs in Europe or in the US.

We are working with the most prestigious designer studios in Israel; the workshop in Hungary is fitted with top technology equipment, the skilled crew is devoted to give the best quality of work and the most efficient service before, during and even after the show.

Whether you need a booth on a turnkey base including design, production and set-up, or you have your design and only need someone to produce and build it up Latzy Exhibitions International Ltd. is your partner.


But enough of the words, let the photos talk for themselves!